Friday, February 5, 2010

Stress Tips.

yeah, so school is very stressing.Plenty of papers due on the same date,tests, and who could forget FINALS week right!Soo.. my advice is
1.Manage your time wisely and try to consider all of your classes equally.
2.Do not give up hope earlier on in the semester just because you got one bad grade.
3.If you cant study at home {like me most times} the school library becomes you're best friend.
4.Chose a day where you will just relax and veg out because you're going to need it.
5.Follow a daily or weekly schedule so you dont forget what you had to do. {like I do lol}
6.Join the gym, kickboxing, karate, or vent out to someone close to you because you're going to need to release your stress somehow.
7.Definitely, have some funnn sometimes!!!! Set up dates to go out with friends even if it's hanging out in the park and grabbing a bite to eat.
8.Listen to some relaxing music, or stretches
9.Don't give up, you've made it so far! I believe in you! :)