Friday, May 18, 2012

The Elevator.


A few days ago after leaving  class on the fourth floor, I decided to take the elevator  inside of the usual stairs. I also had a test in  ten minutes so I figured,I might as well take the elevator. Everything turned for the worst when I saw  the bottom of the elevator line was not lined up with the floor;but it was already too late.The elevator door was already closed. I attempted to be the hulk by trying to push the door to open. Unfortunately, that did not work. I pressed the red button  twice and this monotone security guard answered asking "how can I help you?" Out of all voices to hear when you're in a mini crisis. I told her I was stuck in the elevator.She said help would be on the way in 10  minutes. I was calm,but then suddenly every second of the ten minute wait seemed even longer.