Monday, August 20, 2012

College List: Must haves for everyday

Here are a list of things essential for college:


  • Flash drive -at least two one for school work and one for personal things like pictures, etc.This is just in case you happen to forget or lose your flash drive somewhere. I would leave the personal one at home. [Always continuously save your work when writing a paper, or have your work saved  in 2 or 3 different files in case you accidently save over something you needed]
  • External Hard drive- I have heard to many horror stories of computers/laptops crashing including my very own. If I had a hard drive maybe some of my files could have been saved.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Two or three years ago if I were presented with the same issue, I would be bitter and angry for a few days. But, now I'm "better" instead of "bitter". See, the truth of the matter is... People will disappoint you. God has allowed me to learn that even the closest people to you can dissappoint you. Man is  defective, but God will never fail you! Even when you think he's not there.Sometimes you have to be still,listen and learn. Sometimes its to test your patience and tolerance level. Dissappointments, just like everything else is  what you make of it.  You can either internalize things or vent, let them go, grow  and move on with life, or b.However, internalizing things  can create bittnerness,anger, doubt and fear.