Saturday, August 13, 2011

Titles are earned not given....What is a friend?

I've noticed that too many people use too many words so loosely that they have loss their meaning(if any meaning  to them at all).Lets look at the term friend

  • Friend: In my opinion, I think a friend is suppose to be loyal and there when you need them.I dont think someone who only calls/messages you when they need something is a friend.(vice versa) 
  • As friends we should try and make each other "better", encourage each other 
  • Just because someone is in your class, or work does not automatically make them a friend
  • We should try to be honest with each other, trust is  essential in ANY relationship
  • We should listen to each other! too many people want to be heard, be considerate about someone else's feelings for once!
Tip:Assess yourself, and ask "Would I be my own friend?" If not, then you need to look at what you need to become better at.