Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my review of First semester..

ok, so far I'm very disappointed in my grades :( because I know my potential.. and they do not reflect that) btw theyre not bad, just not me.

the people- many are shy, so anticipating meeting cooler people in the Spring.

professors- well, the ones I had so far were kinda fair so hopefully, next semester it'll be the same or better

the cafeteria- seems like every time I go in there the prices are getting higher and higher! yet, the quality is the same. 25 cents for a fork if you didnt buy anything! outrageous! so, I'll only be going there when it's a dire emergency.

the other food places around the area- bleh, there's only so many times you can have Pizza , Chinese, Subways, 7/11, and Dunkin Doughnuts. Plus, they're so unhealthy and salty.

the area in general- very limited things you can do there and not get bored.I'm running out of ideas on fun activites to do around the area.

college Tips

Heyy yall!
Sorry for neglecting you, but school had me very occupied.This semester I've learned soo much and I'm definitely learning from my mistakes.So, on most websites with tips on how to study and stuff they mainly have similar tips but here are some things I learned my first semester.

1.Be around positive and motivated people who have goals.Hang out with people who want to do well in their classes.You should not have to motivate them to want to study! It's the worse!Besides you can just study on your own if that's the case.

2.Identify the types of people you encounter and their motives for talking to you.(Ex: this girl I met, talked to everyone just so they could help her but she never helped anyone else out.Basically, she uses everyone.)

3.Do not let others get in the way of your sucess. Don't get caught up in "hanging out" and not actually doing your work.Before you met them you were living, and you'll be fine when they're gone.

4.Time, Time ,Time ! Management.Plan things out to every last detail if you have to!When you get an assignment (especially essays) start on them as soon as possible even if they're not due until 2-4 weeks later.Get professionals to review your writing.

5.Make sure you also have free time, time to just relax and have fun! (this helps keep your sanity)

6. Do not settle for less when you know what your potential is.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anti-Soda Ad

Ok. So,today my bff decides to send me this video ad.It's about a man drinking a cup of fat which is suppose to be soda.I found it to be so disgusting.I think they point of the ad was to remind people of what soda and other drinks can do to you and they sure did that job.Now every time I want to purchase a drink I'll think of all the fat it can lead to. [ewww..] & don't get me wrong I'm not even that much of a soda drinker.I probably have that once or twice every three months. Most people that know me well, know that I can be a picky eater and this adds to the list.Now every time someone around me has a soda or a sugary drink I'll think of that icky image of fat in a cup.

You should watch it to see what I'm talking about:

Monday, October 19, 2009

What's up!

heyyyy! lol
yeah, I'm always so busy with school.I always have some paper due. I'm doing so much better, being that I'm becoming more accustomed with everything.School the people are pretty much the same in college.The moochers, the lazy ones, the creeps, the ones that never shutup, the girls who still think it's hs with the "drama" yeah, you know etc.. etc.. lol. I don't talk to much people like really make good conversation.Mainly give one word answers simply because I've become accustomed to how people act and some of their motives.Sadly, I'm typically right about their personalities so yeah.That's about it for now. :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Freshman Convocation

Today was a pretty good day. =)

>>I thought we were going to actually be in an auditorium with all the presidents and vice presidents for the convocation but we weren't?Guess because there was too many of us and too many different sessions? But,oh well.I practically almost fell asleep anyways.

>>We went to our first freshmen seminar class.The people in my class are pretty cool (only 7 guys and 2 other girls besides me.The girls use the word "like" way, way too much kind of gets annoying...but besides that they're cool.)Oh yeah, I also began seeing some characters i.e some guy trying to get with every girl he talks to getting all their info and stuff. It's pathetic and claiming he "wants to meet his future wife in college."I also saw a few kids from high school...I don't pay attention to most..because they tend to be clingy and I want to meet new people.

>>The Bbq /Fair was fun, the clubs were pretty interesting signed for a bunch but I think I kind of have an idea of which I'll really part take in.The sorority/fraternities were so enthusiastic when performing kinda.. influenced me to join one? lol.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few thoughts about today.

Today, there was so much emphasizing on time management and how crucial and important it is.It really hit me hard, that I'm soon going to have to start living my dreams and aspirations.It seems like everything is happening so fast.I remember when I was in the second grade and a one page essay seemed like so much.But, now I'll be writing a whole more than that like 10 page reports and more.I hope that I will be able to balance out my schedule properly so that everything works out fine.So, in preparation for this... I'm taking a vow right now starting August 26,2009 no more Facebook or Myspace unless its a Friday or Saturday night.

College Orientation

Today went pretty well...despite the long periods of waiting.At lunch, we talked about a parking lot scenario which was hilarious. I won't write the whole thing down because it would be to long and I'm just too lazy.But , we we're having this conversation for like at least 3o minutes.This boy had me laughing soo hard, my stomach was hurting and my eyes were starting to tear,which rarely happens when I laugh.Man, I love my sense of humor =D .I learned a lot about the school itself , and it's advantages. OO yeah, my orientation people were hilarious too.Pretty much a day full of laughter right?But you know what they say "laughter is good medicine for the soul".

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Setting priorities straight.

Heyyy!! I finally have something to blog about! yay!

Ok,so lately I've realized that a lot of girls I know have a lot of boy problems that can mainly be avoided.They are very focused on getting boyfriends.It's like they can't live without them.Worst some of them seem to like the guys they know they won't ever have or don't like them.They complain about how they're going to be lonely for the rest of their lives or they'll never meet their one true love.Some envy what other girls have.For example, a girl I know noticed the young lady at the cash registar had a ring on her finger.She assumed she was engaged.She then goes on to talk about how she wants to be engaged and is tired of searching for the "one".They only 17 or 18 years old. I always thought only middle aged women thought this way,but apparently not.I say you should focus more on school, your career and your future rather than solely on boys.Maybe,in the midst of this you'll find your soulmate and not even realize it yet.I guess what I'm saying is that you have your whole life ahead of you and don't need to be worrying about some boy that pays no attention to you.And you shouldn't be jealous what some other girl has because you don't know what methods she used to get what she has or how solid their relationship is, you know nothing about them.