Saturday, July 30, 2011

Courtship tips

If you are looking to date for marriage, or should I say "courtship" here are some tips I learned from church.Yes,yall church! I learn so much from there! Even if you are not "religious" I still feel like these hold true ladies!
  1. Let the guy approach you! If he's not man enough to do that its not even worth going any further. He should not have to have his friend tell you that he likes you. When a man wants something, he will chase after it.
  2. Let him "chase" you. Not forever, but dont make him so easy to have you.You will loose your self worth if you are seen as too "easy".
  3. Know your worth ladies! "we are worth more than rubies"(Proverbs 31:10)
  4. Act the way you are worth.You should not have to dress "skanky" to get a man to notice you.However, dont dress unattractively either. You shouldn't be looking all raggedy and expecting a man to talk to you. 

Friday, July 29, 2011

"No offense but..."

I hate when people start off sentences like that! They assume it gives them permission to offend you on purpose! If you say "no offense but..." that means you are highly aware about what you are going to say and you KNOW it is going to affect that person negatively. Then why bother to say it to begin with?!
  1. Be considerate of other people's feelings. Think about how you would feel if that were you.
  2. Be mindful and aware of that persons personality as well as yours.
  3. Think before you act!
How to react to these situations if you are the victim:
  1. Be honest about how you feel.Do not embarrass the person in front of a large group rather, take them aside and speak to them about how that made you feel.
  2. Be patient, and learn to forgive.( This takes a lot of practice)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Attempting New Things

A good friend of mine took up swimming at school a while back and she decided to invite me to come with her sometime. I gladly accepted  since she's pretty awesome!( I'll talk about her awesomeness in a another blog). I attempted to swim... epic fail! But there was a lady there who helped me along the way and now Im getting better yay! Swimming can be so peaceful yet challenging. You have to trust the water to carry you. Trust goes a long way in everything that you do in life.
  1. Trust yourself ( if you are always unsure of yourself, why would someone else trust you).Often times your gut instinct is right.
  2. Learn to trust others(within reason of course.Some people you must limit what you say and do around them.) If you dont trust anyone, then no one would want to be around you, you start looking like you're paranoid or something.

Im back!

After a long hiatus, Im back! Can you believe it? Apparently there are people out there who read my blog! (How exciting!)  Thank you readers! I never would have known. I guess that's one of the reasons why I just stopped blogging altogether. But man, its been a while!!! A lot has happened, I've learned so much to share and grown even more mature.So, my blog will now be completely even more random about everything! All my likes ( If you like what I like heyy girll/ guy! *high five*),dislikes and maybe random rants?, oh maybe even hauls, a bit of fashion and you know it restaurant reviews, or even hair tips? Say what!, no really "say what" ( I kid, I kid)

                            -- Ms.R