Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I learned after freshman year of college...


The first year of college was full of surprises and epiphanies!It has enabled me to learn more about myself. Some of the things I have learned are:

-better study habits, and time management
-prioritizing even more
-how to network more efficiently

So,my advice to anyone reading this is:
- attend your college workshops maybe you'll learn something new or meet someone with similar interest.
-learn to balance school, work, free time etc..[ easier said than done]
-actually talk to people, do not always expect the other person to make that move
- get involved and get accustomed to your school's culture.[the more you get involved, the more you will actually be learning about yourself as well as others.]

Freshman year I must say was not easy for me,but I have learned how to fix my mistakes so I anticipate sophmore year to be an amazing year! I am actually kinda excited! {well for now... until the summer}

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