Monday, August 20, 2012

College List: Must haves for everyday

Here are a list of things essential for college:


  • Flash drive -at least two one for school work and one for personal things like pictures, etc.This is just in case you happen to forget or lose your flash drive somewhere. I would leave the personal one at home. [Always continuously save your work when writing a paper, or have your work saved  in 2 or 3 different files in case you accidently save over something you needed]
  • External Hard drive- I have heard to many horror stories of computers/laptops crashing including my very own. If I had a hard drive maybe some of my files could have been saved.
  • A desk/ own space or area for working. Attempting to do homework or papers on your bed is very tempting,but a lot times you are more unproductive on your bed.
  • A planner or some type of calendar to keep track of dates,deadlines, and events unless you're really good at remembering everything.
  • Highlighters, post-its,flags,scrap paper,folders, binders/notebooks for organization and studying.
  • Index cards or post-its! [at least for me personally] for memorizing words/terms for classes especially when learning a new language on train and bus rides to/from somewhere, or when you have like only ten minutes of down time.
  • An audio recording device for the days when you come to class drained and half awake.
  • If you commute to school, a good supporting backpack. My bag of choice Northface Borealis. Expensive,but well worth it. I had my old bag for 6 years until the threads started to unravel,so I purchased the Borealis.
  • Some type of music device [mp3,ipad,ipop,tablet etc]

Enjoy  College!

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