Sunday, September 22, 2013

Zenni Optical

Purchased 7/24/12 -I purchased these a year ago and I must say, I find myself wearing my Coastal glasses more than my Zenni ones.But I love them both!

Coastal:Facebook free glasses $20 includes shipping and handling, donates a pair of glasses.

Zenni on left;Coastal on the right with lense cleaner

I must say I like both pairs of glasses.They are very easy to order and offer a large variety of selection I can put my  attachable sunnies on when its super bright outside. I love coastal because of all the cute designs!  I would definitely recommend Coastal over Zenni because I personally like the glasses designs more and they donate to a pair to someone in need. Zenni however has thousands of designs even more than Coastal! 

Oh, soo... let me tell you,  a few months after receiving my Coastal glasses, I lost them somewhere! I did not find it until now(late October). I was so depressed and sad that I ordered another one from Coastal even though I could have easily sufficed with my Zenni glasses.They are cat eye  shaped and I them too! Everyone thinks my glasses from Coastal are cool,the ones from Zenni ( at least the ones I choose) are just simple, basic glasses.

In all,why pay $100-200  at the optician when you can get your same prescription glasses for under $50?Whats your favorite online glasses brand?


  1. I've heard alot about Zenni and it was nice to see a real down to earth review, so thank you :)