Monday, October 14, 2013

Green Smoothie Me!

So,back in July I decided to try something new. It was sparked by a comment a friend made about the health benefits of "green smoothies". So on Facebook, I found  Simple Green Smoothies. I was inspired by their recipes and their cool mason jars.(I love mason jars!) They were starting a new 30 day challenge and  I decided to join them! Ugh. Starting anything new is always the hardest part. I thought about the labor that went into making these smoothies and cleaning up every time I made one. "Uh,no thanks!" But I forced myself to just try it using daily reminders. I also got myself a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender. It was inexpensive and got the job done.It later broke,due to over usage by other people in my home. I was devastated!
Now I use the Magic Bullet.  In addition,I used the grocery list Simple Green Smoothies emails in the beginning of the challenge,but later I found that it was easier and cheaper to use fruits and veggies that were on sale at the supermarket.  Fast forward today, I still green smoothie. I always had craving for fruits,but I also now find myself  craving green smoothies! This adventure has also helped me to do other things that I want to kick start by trying to commit 30 days. I am currently on my flow which I will do a post on soon!
Here are my tips for getting started:
  1. Buy fruits and veggies on sale
  2. Immediately after purchasing cut everything up,place in Ziploc bags and freeze.I like to use the zipper Ziploc bags because I  know that it is secure.
  3. Switch up your greens.
  4.  If you need your smoothie to be sweeter or more fulling use bananas or fresh/frozen  mangos (I love mangos!). I usually use half banana,but a whole one on days that I have a smoothie as a snack.           
         (Spinach,Pineapples,papaya)     (Spinach,papaya,pineapple,bananas)       (Kale,pineapple,bananas)

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