Thursday, August 27, 2009

Freshman Convocation

Today was a pretty good day. =)

>>I thought we were going to actually be in an auditorium with all the presidents and vice presidents for the convocation but we weren't?Guess because there was too many of us and too many different sessions? But,oh well.I practically almost fell asleep anyways.

>>We went to our first freshmen seminar class.The people in my class are pretty cool (only 7 guys and 2 other girls besides me.The girls use the word "like" way, way too much kind of gets annoying...but besides that they're cool.)Oh yeah, I also began seeing some characters i.e some guy trying to get with every girl he talks to getting all their info and stuff. It's pathetic and claiming he "wants to meet his future wife in college."I also saw a few kids from high school...I don't pay attention to most..because they tend to be clingy and I want to meet new people.

>>The Bbq /Fair was fun, the clubs were pretty interesting signed for a bunch but I think I kind of have an idea of which I'll really part take in.The sorority/fraternities were so enthusiastic when performing kinda.. influenced me to join one? lol.

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