Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A few thoughts about today.

Today, there was so much emphasizing on time management and how crucial and important it is.It really hit me hard, that I'm soon going to have to start living my dreams and aspirations.It seems like everything is happening so fast.I remember when I was in the second grade and a one page essay seemed like so much.But, now I'll be writing a whole more than that like 10 page reports and more.I hope that I will be able to balance out my schedule properly so that everything works out fine.So, in preparation for this... I'm taking a vow right now starting August 26,2009 no more Facebook or Myspace unless its a Friday or Saturday night.


  1. Why are you starting on my birthday? and...what happened at orientation?

  2. Im not starting on your birthday I'm just not using myspace & stuff after that until the weekends.