Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We all endure failures and sometimes its unpredictable,but what do you do when you put in 120%   of effort and still end up failing?I tend to sit there baffled... attempting to re-calculate where I could have gone wrong.Then there's the blame game, the  "its their fault, I could of, would should of" etc. And sometimes yes, sometimes that is a possibility. Either way, I personally have learned to take failures as a learning experience.Yeah, I did not get the grade I intended/hoped for or that internship ,but I learned so much in the process.Sometimes we fail in what we wanted to succeed in and we think "we just wasted our time". In reality, sometimes our failures teach us new skills, and experiences about life  that we will be able to use in the future.So, in reality we did not 'fail' completely.Our failures can be used to educate others. We can also reference them when we have to make other decisions.Next time you think of failure try making a list of all the positive you gained from it in the process.

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