Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year,New you?

In church we are focusing on a new series. Our verse of focus is Mark  2 :18-22. In summary, what I have interpreted so far, if you  want to progress/grow this  year, you can't do the same old things you did last year.It is important to create long term and short term attainable goals.

  • surround yourself around positive people.Negative people will only bring you down. That means getting rid of those negative people in your life. People who only tell you condescending comments, have no goals, or have no intentions of  enhancing their lives for the better do not need to be in contact with you everyday.Slowly, weed them out...
  • Be positive and  believe in yourself. Know that you can and will achieve whatever you set your mind to doing
  • Take things one day at a time,don't try and rush things
  • Document your progress to remind yourself of how far along you are.
  • Have daily reminders somewhere whether that be a picture,quote, or article.

What will you accomplish this year? What will you do differently this year?

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