Wednesday, December 23, 2009

college Tips

Heyy yall!
Sorry for neglecting you, but school had me very occupied.This semester I've learned soo much and I'm definitely learning from my mistakes.So, on most websites with tips on how to study and stuff they mainly have similar tips but here are some things I learned my first semester.

1.Be around positive and motivated people who have goals.Hang out with people who want to do well in their classes.You should not have to motivate them to want to study! It's the worse!Besides you can just study on your own if that's the case.

2.Identify the types of people you encounter and their motives for talking to you.(Ex: this girl I met, talked to everyone just so they could help her but she never helped anyone else out.Basically, she uses everyone.)

3.Do not let others get in the way of your sucess. Don't get caught up in "hanging out" and not actually doing your work.Before you met them you were living, and you'll be fine when they're gone.

4.Time, Time ,Time ! Management.Plan things out to every last detail if you have to!When you get an assignment (especially essays) start on them as soon as possible even if they're not due until 2-4 weeks later.Get professionals to review your writing.

5.Make sure you also have free time, time to just relax and have fun! (this helps keep your sanity)

6. Do not settle for less when you know what your potential is.

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