Wednesday, December 23, 2009

my review of First semester..

ok, so far I'm very disappointed in my grades :( because I know my potential.. and they do not reflect that) btw theyre not bad, just not me.

the people- many are shy, so anticipating meeting cooler people in the Spring.

professors- well, the ones I had so far were kinda fair so hopefully, next semester it'll be the same or better

the cafeteria- seems like every time I go in there the prices are getting higher and higher! yet, the quality is the same. 25 cents for a fork if you didnt buy anything! outrageous! so, I'll only be going there when it's a dire emergency.

the other food places around the area- bleh, there's only so many times you can have Pizza , Chinese, Subways, 7/11, and Dunkin Doughnuts. Plus, they're so unhealthy and salty.

the area in general- very limited things you can do there and not get bored.I'm running out of ideas on fun activites to do around the area.

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