Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Speak less, listen more.

Have you ever encountered or met someone , and just listened. GENUINELY sat down and just listened, empathized and imaged what it was like in their shoes? So many times we want someone to 'vent' to, and we neglect to acknowledge the other person. Sometimes its about putting our own life issues and mini crisis' on hold and  just listening.It  makes such a HUGE difference. We not only get to know that person on a more intimate level, but we  can learn from their experiences.Everyone has a story, which is great, but we must also remember that everyone cannot share theirs  all at the same time.So, now its your turn ( *randomly thinks of * Yugioh -the t.v show) .I challenge you  to dig deeper in friendships,relationships and even in just acquaintances.

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