Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The train.

Ugh. The train. Don't you just hate it when everyone on the platform is try to squeeze into the  doors all at one time? Especially when its around 5-6pm. I mean, why are you in such a rush to get home? And relax,we are all trying to get on the train. Oh, and what about those people who rush for a seat when someone gets up especially the men. (insert face here) And even worse, the people on the train who sit there and make ever so obvious that they are reading the newspaper with you, or trying to attempt  to see what the title of your book . Psst, here's a tip, you can just ask. And the girl/guy across from you who wants to have a staring contest *awkward*.Then there's the interruptions which most times I dont mind,but when I see the same kid trying to sell candy on the same train as me 3-4 times a week coming home from school I become a bit concerned.

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